The core vinegars manufactured are:

· Malt vinegar

· White vinegar

· Spiced vinegar

· Red wine vinegar

· White wine vinegar

· Aged Balsamic Vinegar

· Cider Vinegar

· Raspberry & wine vinegar








· Foodgrade ethyl alcohol for use in manufacture of spirits, liqueurs, Pharmaceuticals, and deer velvet processing.

· Alcoholic bases for use in products such as such as chocolate, cakes, liqueur sauces and toppings.


Specialty vinegars


The following vinegars are available to manufacturers as ingredients for specialty dressings, pickles and chutneys.


· Pale balsamic vinegar (made the same manner as dark balsamic vinegar—however white grapes are used instead of red grapes. Used where full bodied balsamic is required but a light coloured resultant product is desired.  eg light coloured sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, chutneys. Also for marinating white meat or fish.

· Raspberry balsamic vinegar

· Kiwifruit vinegar

· Thai spiced vinegar

· Pale Malt vinegar (for manufacture of light coloured mayonnaise)

· Lemon & Vinegar








Non food products


· Industrial grades of ethyl alcohol, including both clear and coloured methylated spirits




These naturally fermented vinegars are available in pack sizes ranging from bottled product through to bulk tanker deliveries.