Our Philosophy

To reliably supply Australasian food manufacturers with consistent high quality products made from quality natural ingredients.


The Distillery combines:


· Over half a century’s experience in Distillation, Fermentation, and Vinegar making


Vinegar of both a high and consistent quality is best achieved by experts with an understanding of both alcohol and vinegar manufacture.  With a team of experienced staff, some of whom have been with the company for over 30 years, the Distillery is able to maintain high levels of quality control for existing products whilst ensuring continued research into new products.




· Natural quality ingredients


The Distillery is committed to using high quality ingredients sourced from nature including grapes, barley, apples, artichokes, berry fruit, fruit juices, and has been a trusted supplier of ingredients to major Australasian food companies for almost 60 years. Many of the Distillery’s ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s fertile Canterbury Plains.