Australia & New Zealand Distillery Limited

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The Australia & New Zealand Distillery Limited was incorporated in 1957.  The company pioneered  manufacturing beverage grade ethyl alcohol from lactose. The distillery supplies millions of litres of vinegar each year.

A 2.5 hectare site in Temuka 10 minutes from Primeport Timaru houses the Distillery’s South Canterbury operation.  Many of the Distillery’s raw ingredients are grown in South Canterbury.

Food safety and testing facilities

The Distillery operates a food safety programme incorporating HACCP— the programme is approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.  The inhouse laboratory continually monitors vinegar making ensuring that the vinegar making cultures provide optimum performance.

Bottling and Packaging

Bottling facilities operate daily packaging bottles from 750ml through to 10L packs

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Asurequality audit the Distillery’s Food Safety Programme against international standards

The Distillery  has 5000 square metres of racked warehousing near the Timaru Port.

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 Est. 1957


The Distillery has a tanker fleet for bulk deliveries